Fleet Utilization

Optimize fleet productivity with real-time data.


Determine fleet ROI.

With fleet utilization metrics and reports, you can ensure you’re getting the best ROI from your assets. Identify under-utilized assets, improper distribution of trailers, and more.

  • Trip reporting
  • Fuel consumption reporting
  • Last movement reports
  • Custom alerts

Get real-time location alerts.

Monitor the location of your equipment, vehicles, and assets to prevent misuse or theft.

  • Track workloads
  • Get movement updates
  • Identify under-utilized vehicles
  • Improve productivity


Plan for maintenance.

Track and monitor vehicle and equipment performance to better plan for maintenance procedures and downtime.

  • Review vehicle and equipment performance
  • Create detailed maintenance records
  • Track maintenance schedules
  • Avoid delays in fleet operations

Make informed purchasing decisions.

Gain visibility into fleet utilization metrics to help with purchasing decisions and capitalize on your savings.

  • Track fuel consumption
  • Find under-utilized assets
  • Create efficient workflows
  • Identify areas of redundancy


What is fleet utilization?

Fleet utilization is a simple and effective metric used to measure the efficiency of assets and help identify associated costs. The Rand Platform allows you to track all your assets, so you can make informed decisions on ways to increase efficiency across your operations.

Fleet Utilization Benefits

Get detailed reports on fleet operations.

Use detailed reports on fleet productivity to determine asset and cost efficiencies.

Track assets and equipment.

Keep an eye on your assets with GPS-location services to prevent theft or unauthorized use.

Monitor driver behavior.

Ensure your drivers and operators are using company equipment properly with telematics monitoring.

Plan your routes.

Enter pre-determined routes for your drivers to ensure your assets are delivered on time.

Fleet Utilization Resources

Maximizing your fleet operations starts here. Learn more about fleet utilization metrics and fleet management software to improve your fleet productivity.

How to Improve Fleet Visibility & Insight

How to Improve Fleet Visibility & Insight


Fleet visibility gives you detailed insight into your fleet operations. Use this information to make data-driven decisions and improve fleet productivity.

What is Fleet Monitoring?

What is Fleet Monitoring?


Track and observe your company’s mobile assets with GPS trackers & software. With fleet monitoring, you can improve fleet operations & efficiency.

How to Improve Fleet Uptime

How to Improve Fleet Uptime


Keep your fleet operations running smoothly by choosing the right vehicles, using fleet technology, and adding driver resources.

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