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Fuel Management

Monitor fuel consumption across your fleet and identify where to cut costs.


Gain insight into fuel usage.

Know how your vehicles and equipment are being used. Our fleet fuel management system delivers detailed metrics on each of your vehicles, so you can track fuel consumption — and more — across your entire fleet.

  • Report on vehicle and equipment performance
  • Track fuel-pattern data
  • Monitor fuel costs per vehicle

Reduce the running costs of your fleet.

Our fuel management solutions let you analyze fleet fuel usage by:

  • Providing insights into operational costs for vehicles
  • Displaying fuel economy data
  • Identifying areas to implement cost savings


Detect abnormal fuel consumption.

Our fuel management system reports on fuel consumption for each of your vehicles, so you can determine which of your vehicles and/or drivers are consuming too much fuel. 

  • Identify poor driving practices
  • Prevent fuel theft
  • Monitor engine performance

Get reports on vehicle idle time.

Get detailed reports on vehicle data and receive alerts for important events. With our platform, you can: 

  • Track vehicle jobs and performance
  • Review reports on fuel consumption
  • Identify excessive idle times


What is dynamic fuel management?

The Rand Platform enables dynamic fuel management, a system that continuously monitors a vehicle’s fuel consumption, as well as other data. This technology auto-calculates how much fuel is being used based on vehicle speed, idle time, and engine power.

Fuel Management Benefits

Review fuel economy.

Create custom reports to alert and monitor vehicle performance across your fleet.

Determine cost per mile.

Identify the costs associated with operating each of your vehicles to get the highest return on your investment. 

Stay informed on fuel usage.

Reduce fuel theft and improper vehicle use by getting up-to-date information on where your vehicles are and how they’re being used.

Collect and share data easily.

Get reports on vehicle engine performance and share within your organization. 

Fleet Management Resources

Learn about fleet fuel management systems and other ways you can save costs with fleet management software.

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Save on fuel, lower business costs, and help the environment with a green fleet strategy.

How Fleet Management Software Improves Visibility

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Gain valuable insights into your fleet operations, improve processes, save on fuel costs and track your assets in one place with fleet management software.

Prevent Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Usage

Prevent Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Usage


Advanced security measures monitor unauthorized fleet vehicle usage like fuel theft and “misplaced” assets. Putting security measures in place protects your assets, your costs, and your business.

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