2021 Holiday Gift Guide

  • 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays may be a bit stressful, but gift-giving doesn't have to be. The experts at Rand McNally are here to make your holidays a little brighter this year with the newest edition of our Holiday Gift Guide. We've compiled a list of gift ideas for every person on your list — including yourself! So relax and let us take care of one of the hardest parts of holiday shopping with these gift ideas that are sure to delight. Take a look!

Travel Gifts

This one's for the adventurers — the ones who will jump at the chance to sight-see or explore a new place. We all know them (and most likely envy them!). If you're lucky enough to have these types in your life and on your holiday shopping list, look no further than these amazing travel gift ideas that won't break the bank.

Rand McNally 2022 Road Atlas

As a company with a long history of maps, we have a deep love for giving thoughtful gifts to travelers in the hopes that they inspire meaningful adventures — you know, the kind that strengthen the bond between travel mates and result in personal growth. One of our favorite gift ideas for intrepid loved ones is a travel gift basket that includes a Rand McNally 2022 Road Atlas, road trip snacks, and gift cards or cash to put toward food or gas on their next road trip adventure!


Worldly Escapes Coffee Table Book

Perhaps one of your holiday gift recipients is not a frequent traveler, but aspires to be. Give them Worldly Escapes, a travel pictorial that is sure to trigger their travel bug. This book is filled with 120 captivating destinations across the globe, featuring unique travel information and a series of beautiful photo-illustrated vignettes that will have them packing their bags immediately!


Gifts for Truck Drivers

How do you nail down the perfect holiday gift for someone that is always on the move? How about gifting them something that will help simplify their on-the-go lifestyle? These gift ideas for truck drivers, delivery drivers, and ride-share drivers are both fun and practical — take a look!

ClearDryve 220™ Convertible Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Drivers won’t have to worry about hands-free communication with the ClearDryve 220. This sleek headset features excellent sound quality for crystal clear calls — even in a noisy truck cab. Featuring memory foam padding and a long-lasting battery, this headset allows for extended use. And, because the headset converts into a pair of stereo headphones with flexible boom mic, ClearDryve 220 doubles as a PC or gaming headset — perfect for the gamer on your holiday shopping list!


DashCam 500 Dash Camera

Dash cameras are great for capturing a scenic drive or traffic incident. Give your professional driver some peace of mind by gifting them with a dash cam this holiday season. The DashCam 500 is Rand McNally's most advanced camera that captures high-quality photos and videos. A convenient companion app makes it easy to save, organize, and share content.


OverDryve 7 Pro II

The OverDryve 7 Pro II is a second-generation all-in-one dashboard device and truck GPS. With features like up-to-date maps, real-time traffic, satellite radio, an on-board dash camera, and hands-free calling and texting — among many other connected capabilities — there is no surprise that the OverDryve 7 Pro II is a favorite amongst truckers. By providing your truck-driving loved one with a thoughtful, all-inclusive gift of this caliber, you are sure to bring a big smile to their face! You’ll also help simplify their daily duties on the road.

Gifts for Hikers

Buying gifts for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen can be a daunting task, especially if you're not one yourself. Hikers can be particular about the type of gear they like to use and wear — and these items can get pretty costly — so we suggest something less expensive yet still practical. Whether your hiker is experienced or just starting out, they'll love these thoughtful gift ideas!

Rand McNally 2022 Road Atlas & National Park Guide

Help your adventurous loved one get a jump start on planning their 2022 hiking trip with the Rand McNally 2022 Road Atlas & National Park Guide. This version of our iconic Road Atlas features 132 pages of National Park information, including sites to see, trails, and stunning photos of each U.S. National Park. The best part about the National Park Atlas & Guide is that it also features a fully updated U.S. Road Atlas! Adventurers can plan their entire trip from start to finish in one easily packable guide.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Despite the bevy of cool gadgets available for kids, this year presents an opportunity to give something meaningful that encourages skills that will last a lifetime. Our collection of map and activity books will keep kids busy on the road or at home, while also introducing them to geography and map-reading skills.

Globe 4 Kids Illuminated 10" Desk Globe

The Globe 4 Kids Illuminated 10" Desk Globe could be the missing piece to your little explorer’s imaginative adventures. This 10” globe positioned on a molded plastic base provides kids with over 100 different illustrations of animals, monuments, produce, and specific features of countries and regions to teach them about the diversity that each continent’s landscapes and cultures hold.


Map It! Jr. Series

Rand McNally's Map It! Jr. board book series is filled with colorful illustrations and enjoyable narratives to help foster a love of geography from a young age. These books challenge children ages two through four to explore their natural curiosity and begin to develop spatial thinking in a fun and exciting way. They'll enjoy exploring simple maps of the United States while learning about canyons, caves, rivers, streams, volcanoes, and more! All three titles in the series — Waterways, Landforms, and Roads and Trails — will delight both parents and children.


Home Gifts

Help your loved one bring their love of travel closer to home with our travel-themed décor! These travel-themed home gifts will instantly add a sense of adventure to any home interior.

World Mural Wall Map: Laminated

Gift the map-lover in your life a giant world map mural to add to their interior design. This statement piece stunner measures 104’’ x 156” but can be trimmed to fit smaller spaces. The World Mural Wall Map: Laminated comes laminated and can be written on with dry erase markers — perfect for making travel plans, displaying geography lessons, or quick notes to roommates!


12" Illuminated Moon Desk Globe

Whether you have a friend or family member that loves space, astronomy, or cool mood lighting, the 12" Illuminated Moon Desk Globe has you covered for their thoughtful holiday gift! This acrylic sphere commemorates the 50th Anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission — you know, the one where Neil and Buzz walked on the surface of the moon. This illuminated globe of the moon details over 900 important places on the moon’s surface from all the Apollo missions, in addition to over 750 topographical locations. The Moon Desk Globe illuminates just enough to provide ambient lighting and can even be used as a nightlight for your mini space crew!


DIY Map Decoration

If you want to give something more thoughtful that won't empty your wallet, try crafting something using a map! You can cover almost anything with a map using a little Mod Podge, but here are a few cool ideas:

  • Picture frame covered with a map of the location that picture was taken
  • Map-covered letter(s) to hang in a child's room or nursery | For instructions, click here →
  • Framed heart-shaped map cut-outs of where each person in the relationship is originally from, and where they both now reside together
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