The Perks to Glamping in Your RV

  • The Perks to Glamping in Your RV

Glamping (or glamorous camping) is a travel trend that is sweeping the globe. Rather than “roughing it” on the ground with a portable tent and no proper restroom facilities, glamping provides a more comfortable, luxurious outdoor experience. And according to this New York Post article, the popularity of glamping has contributed to a significant spike in RV sales over the past five years.

RVings has become increasingly popular among millennials. RV insiders suspect it’s because millennials enjoy being close to nature, but they also don’t want to give up their tech-dependent lifestyles. RVs and campers offer a great mixture of both worlds, especially with the high-tech features built into many of the recreational vehicles today.

No matter what your age, camping (or glamping, if you wish) RV-style is something everyone should experience, at least once. Here are some of the perks to RV glamping:


1. Sleeping in comfort

Waking up in the middle of nature is nice, but sleeping on the hard, lumpy ground isn’t ideal for everyone. When you’re glamping, you can crawl into a comfortable, made-up bed anytime you please—no fussy tent setup required. And not to mention the great night’s sleep you’ll get without the annoyance of bugs and critters creeping around your tent.


2. A bathroom is always in reach

Typically, RVs and campers are equipped with restrooms, even if they are teeny tiny. An unusually small bathroom is more convenient than trekking to the nearest washroom facility, or going behind a bush. Plus, you can make sure your RV bathroom is always stocked with toilet paper.


3. Simple meal preparation

When camping, you typically have to start a fire or light a grill when you’re hungry. While a fire or grill adds a level of flavor to your food, it’s not always a quick feat. With RV glamping, you have easy access to a refrigerator, microwave, and sometimes a stovetop and oven, allowing you to cook whatever you want, whenever you want. And when you feel like starting a fire, you always have that option, too!


4. No unpacking necessary

Glampers don’t have to worry about taking the time to unload and set up all of their camping equipment if they don’t want to, leaving more time for relaxation and adventure.


5. More room for necessities

RVs and campers are larger than most vehicles, allowing glampers to pack items they might not otherwise be able to pack when camping. This means more room for recreational toys, clothing and accessories, food, supplies, etc.

When packing for your RV glamping trip—other than your typical cleaning, cooking, and bathing essentials—be sure to pack these items for a truly successful and fun getaway:

  • Camera – You’ll want a camera to capture all your adventures and the beautiful scenery along the way.
  • Games and Sporting Equipment – Bust out the board games, cards, lawn games, and sporting equipment to keep you entertained on your trip.
  • A Reliable GPS – The OverDryve™ 7 RV is the ultimate device for RVers. In addition to robust RV navigation, the device also offers the features of a tablet, as well as connected, voice-enabled features like hands-free calling and texting.
  • Lanterns – In addition to the flashlights you will have packed, decorative lanterns, string lights, or tiki torches will help to create a relaxing and fun environment at your campsite.
  • Outdoor Rug – Use an outdoor rug as the base of your outdoor entertainment area. This helps to prevent aggravation from grass or sand—depending on where your adventure brings you.
  • Compact Table and Chairs – Pack folding chairs and a table for outdoor dining and lounging at your campsite.
  • Air Fresheners – Small spaces can easily fill up with bad odors. Keep air fresheners handy to keep everything smelling fresh.

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